Pro Shop Staff:

Patrick Keenan, Head Golf Professional
Eli Reid, PGA Golf Professional
Ray Ferrari, Assistant Golf Professional


Golfing Hours of Play:

  • Play restricted to Members and guests
  • Weekdays – 8:00 AM to CLOSING during golfing season.
  • Weekends & Holidays – 7:00AM to CLOSING during golfing season.
  • Play will not be allowed to start earlier than at the listed times.
  • No regular members may carry his or her own golf bags until after 3:00 PM daily.




Cell phone usage is prohibited on the golf course, at the Halfway House and in the clubhouse, with the following exceptions; the locker rooms and the parking lot.
An additional exception has been added which permits cell phone use on the golf course for the purpose of notifying the Pro Shop of a problem concerning slow play. Also, cell phone use is permitted in cases of medical necessity only when someone on the golf course needs immediate medical care.  Phones should be placed in vibrate mode.        

Using your cell phone on the golf course for certain purposes is acceptable (e.g., texting, e-mail, or determining yardage) as long as such usage does not cause any noise.  The primary consideration should be to avoid any cell phone activity that might create noise, distract a player or slow down play.
Please adhere to the policy and refrain from using your cell phone for conversations while on the golf course.